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Storsen is an international outsourcing service provider, headquartered in Prague and having delivery operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We provide services across EU and to US customers in finance, human capital, logistics, IT and global business solutions.
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We specialize in BPO, recruitment, staffing and IT consulting services with a proven record of staging world-class integrated operations across the Czech Republic and Eastern European countries.
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Currently, the BPO industry is responsible for creating the second highest number of jobs, and it is estimated that overall worldwide BPO market will cross a staggering $400 billion by 2020. With solutions based on knowledge and experience gathered through working in local and large international markets, we help you become part of this encouraging statistics. Choose the right model, and let us do the rest.
Advantages of the BPO industry
are hard to top out
From being a mere $7 billion industry in 2006, to currently being estimated to over $120 billion, the growth prospects in BPO are tremendous, and has shown a lot of promise. Cost reduction, availability of experienced professionals, ability to focus on your core business are just some of the advantages of working based on BPO models.

Choose the right

Model for your business

By outsourcing facilities, human resources ecosystems and processes, as well as the full scope of IT services, you can easily build and expand your business operations anywhere in the world.

Captive Delivery Center (CDC)

With CDC business model, we help you build your business satellite from the green field. No need to think about significant costs of acquiring or fitting for purpose expensive commercial premises, instead, you will use an owned subsidiary, keeping the entire control over people, assets, systems, and process.

Assisted Captive Delivery Center (ACDC)

Assisted captive model saves you resources that you would typically spend on finding an office building, paying rent and other bills. ACDC model represents shared processes but dedicated staff, equipment, and facilities with proportional risk share.

Build-Operate-Transfer Delivery Center (BOTDC)

BOTDC model is perfectly fit for the clients who prefer to take over the ownership of commercial premises and people over the course of time. However, you will entirely hold the control over processes and system from the day one. Our role is to enable your success in assuming operations into your core business.

Joint venture (JV)

With JV as an option, you can create a joint venture with a partner that already has established much-needed excellence in conducting BPO processes. You can decide to stay in the joint venture and transform a cost center into profitable enterprise or disengage at a particular moment.


Need a market research?

Let us help you make the right decision

We will share all our vastly-gathered knowledge and put it into building your business, closing the full-circle of services, from the research, developing the process, providing you with the analytics all the way, as well as offering GAP and CTQ Assessments.


Doing ground research and initial risk analysis regarding market conditions and bringing your business to a specific location.


Developing entire business process and establishing the structure of people, processes, and resources, to bring your business operating seamlessly at your preferences.


Making sure all processes and outputs are being adequately monitored and tracked, throughout detailed reports delivered to your preferences, which can serve as the basis for business analysis and continuous business planning process.


Setting up the critical-to-quality parameters and developing CTQ trees along with in-depth GAP analysis, to ensure the prerequisites that are important to the customer.

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Worried about resources?

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Regardless of the business building model you chose to embark, we assist you through a multidisciplinary portfolio of expertise and professionals from various industries, making sure you have all the support need.


Talent acquisition, talent management, onboarding & staff retention services. Providing high quality and on-demand, quantities to meet your business targets and ensure positive impacts on your organization’s goals.


Local country payroll management process, staff records management, compensation & benefits, income tax management services.


Human capital, Recruitment, RPO services, general management of the overall process of sourcing, talent acquisition & attraction, headhunting, shortlisting, selection and placement of suitable candidates tailored to your business needs.


With the help of experts in online and traditional advertising, we can offer you planning, implementation, tracking and monitoring campaigns across different online and offline channels.


Software development, web development, site & content management, data center architecture & implementation, IT auditing, digital transformation, SSO, ITO provisioning. Services tailor-made you meet your business needs.


Labor & location management services to enable fast turnaround and practical solution to our customers. Storsen provides legal business environment & operational micro-climate to our customers.


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We’re the company with plenty of experience and an expert team. Your success is our business objective and we will provide you best results! We have proven track of delivering sustainable, high quality and costs effective business services & solutions!
Candidates successfully placed, grown local <100 staff business to over 1100 in eight years.
Clients SMEs and large corporate companies
Years of experiences in BPO, ITO, RPO and business management
Countries covered with recruitment, BPO or market research


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Storsen is an international outsourcing service provider, with head office in Prague and delivery operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We provide services to EU and to US customers in BPO finance, human capital, logistics, IT and global business solutions.

Founded in 2010 and based in the center of Europe (Czech Republic), Storsen expertise is one of the leading ones, specializing in the outsourcing services in Eastern Europe and capable of providing BPO and IT consulting services. Storsen’s most significant capital is a proven record of staging world-class integrated operations across the Czech Republic and Eastern European countries.

Our daughter company, Storsen BH, also specializes in recruitment and staffing services in Bosnia and Herzegovina while having a strong footprint in the neighboring countries Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, and Serbia.


Need assistance in human resources, financial services, or logistics; we got you covered with full-scale infrastructure.


End-to-End business functions such as facility, IT, legal and customer representation services.


Our Qualified


Tarik Altumbabic

Founder & Managing Director Storsen CZ

With 20+ years proven records in international human resources industry and entrepreneurship background, Tarik gladly brings his professional track record into Storsen’s infrastructure. His passion and commitment have allowed him to grow into a true leader, which resulted in launching Storsen as a field ground where he can easily demonstrate his versatile knowledge and experience and add value to our clients.

Being experienced professional in information technologies, ITIL structured operations, global logistics, and financial management, as well as having an extensive background in industrial manufacturing operations, Tarik’s skills set are an inseparable part of Storsen’s solutions and excellence.

Benjamin Kadic

Founder & CEO Storsen BH

With impressive network built during 10+ years’ experience and working across different markets and industries, Benjamin is skilled in business development, recruitment, sales, and marketing. Being enthusiastic and motivated, he has proven to be a true leader to numerous teams he created and nurtured throughout his career and different projects he successfully launched and implemented, on local as well as various international markets, from CEE, across Central and Western Europe, GCC countries, UK and United States.

Ability to build strong relationships with key accounts, stakeholders, and trendsetters, have enriched him with crucial knowledge and skills, that he now brings to Storsen’s portfolio as part of its solutions and robust knowledge base.

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